Sports awards at Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy



Aquazone Beavers Trophy

'For outstanding performance in swimming'

Designer Pools Trophy

'For commitment and dedication to swimming'



Cricket Player of the Year Award



Netball Player of the Year Award



Putz Girls Hockey Player of the Year Award

Putz Boys Hockey Player of the Year Award



Senior Girls Champion

Senior Boys Champion

Junior Girls Champion

Junior Boys Champion



Soccer Player of the Year Award



Rugby Player of the Year Award

End-of-year sports awards

Top Achiever Award

This trophy is awarded to a Grade 7 learner who has achieved excellence and received the highest accolade in a sport or sports offered by Curro HCA.

Greaves Sportsmanship Shields

These shields are awarded to both a boy and girl in Grade 7 who have shown exceptional commitment to all sports at Curro HCA. They have been encouragers and motivators of their team mates, and have displayed manners and etiquette during practices and matches. The recipients of this award have shown initiative and have assisted their coaches as and when the need has arisen. They have been gracious in defeat and humble in victory.

Tocknell Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Trophies

The sportsman and woman of the year trophies are awarded to Grade 7 learners on a points basis, for representation, attitude and commitment at 1st-team level and beyond in the widest variety of sports offered at Curro HCA. Their contributions have been an asset to our sport at Curro HCA.

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