Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy:   SPORT   

Run by an incredible team of Carl Storm ( FP ) & Brian Kunst ( IP ) 

The following sports are offered at Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy from Grades 1 to 7:


Cricket is a major sport for our boys at Curro HCA and is played in the summer months, in the first and fourth terms. Our Grades 1 to 3 play mini-cricket, with matches every Saturday morning, while the top eleven Grade 3 boys are also introduced to hardball and play hardball matches in the fourth term on Thursday afternoons.  Curro HCA fields A and B teams in the under 10 and under 11 age groups and 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams in the under 13 age group. Boys play weekly fixtures on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

The under 11A team participates in the Kearsney T20 Tournament every year and the first teams play regular six-a-side tournaments and have the opportunity to participate in overnight tours, where they get to play against
schools outside our district.


Hockey is a major part of sport at Curro HCA and has grown tremendously and achieved wonderful results in the past few years. This sport is played in the second term for the girls and third term for the boys. Grades 1 to 3 play six-a-side mini-hockey, with mini-tournaments every Thursday afternoon.  The under 10s also play six-a-side and under 11s eight-a-side, with fixtures every Wednesday afternoon. The under 13s play full-field 11-a-side hockey and play league fixtures every Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning. Both the girls' and boys' 1st teams have the opportunity every year to tour to various parts of the country and participate in regular Prep Schools' Festivals.
We are proud to say that every year we have both boys and girls being selected for the district and KZN hockey teams.


Soccer at Curro HCA has a longstanding history. It is played in the second term from Grade 1 to Grade 7. As with hockey, Grades 1 to 3 play six-a-side mini-soccer, with mini-tournaments every Thursday afternoon.  The under 10s, under 11s and under 13s play full-field 11-a-side soccer and play league fixtures every Wednesday afternoon. The 1st team also competes in the Knock-Out Cup on a Monday afternoon and both the 1st and under 11 teams play in regular seven-a-side and 11-a-side festivals and tournaments throughout the term.


Rugby is played in the second term by our Grade 6 and 7 boys. Our 1st teams play weekly fixtures on a Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning and also have the opportunity to participate in regular Prep Schools' Festivals and seven-a-side tournaments. We have now introduced touch rugby and ball skills to our Grade 4 and 5 boys to get them playing the game, learning the rules and developing their skills.


Swimming at Curro HCA has always been a force to be reckoned with. Our swimming team is effectively ranked the Top Co-ed School in our Highways District and competes in the Highways ‘A’ League, coming second in 2012 to a combined Highbury and St Mary’s Team. Our girls compete in the D&D ‘A’ League and our boys in the D&D ‘B’ League. We also compete in the SACSSA National Christian Schools league, with the KZN team predominantly made up of Curro Hillcrest swimmers, who bring back medal after medal from the SACSSA National Championships.

Our foundation-phase squad swimmers in Grades 2 and 3 also participate in weekly inter-school galas on a Thursday afternoon in the first term.  All our squads pick up swimming again in the fourth term, participating in friendly galas and preparing for the next year, which starts with our annual pre-season swim camp that takes place down the South Coast in January every year.  We also have many of our top swimmers representing both our district and KZN schools each year.


Tennis has a strong tradition at Curro HCA and we are one of, if not the top-ranked school in our district. We have two private professional coaches on board who have taken our junior and senior squads to new levels. We field one junior and two senior teams, who play weekly fixtures on a Thursday afternoon throughout the year. Again, we have both boys and girls achieving district representation on a yearly basis in a strong district, which is rarely beaten at inter-district level.

JT Tennis Academy – an opportunity to train like a pro, with a pro! This is a unique opportunity for KZN's elite and top junior tennis players to achieve and realise their full potential in a full-time tennis academy with professional coaches on site. See flyer attached below.

Cross-country is a popular sport at Curro HCA in the second term.  League cross-country runs take place on Friday afternoons at the various schools, with the last Friday run being our ward/district trials. Not only is cross-country for the running enthusiasts, but also for those hockey, soccer and rugby players wanting to improve or maintain their fitness levels.

Water polo

Water polo is one of the fastest growing and most enjoyable sports played at Curro HCA. The sport is offered to our Grade 5/under 11 boys and our Grade 6 and 7 boys and girls in the fourth term. Our under 11, 1st and 2nd teams play weekly fixtures on a Friday afternoon and also have the opportunity to participate in regular mini-tournaments held at Clifton, Kloof or Thomas More. It is a hugely physical sport and requires a great level of swimming fitness and ball skills in the water. The sport is very popular at high school and this is a great opportunity to expose our learners to the game and teach them the basics and develop their skills before they go to high school.


Netball is played by our girls from Grades 3 to 7, while our Grade 1 and 2 girls do ball skills to introduce them to the relevant netball and tennis skills. Grade 3s play weekly mini-tournaments on a Thursday afternoon in
the fourth term to prepare them for the first term, when Grades 4 to 7 play.  We currently have under 10A, under 11A, under 12A and under 13A teams who compete in the league, with fixtures set up within our district on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.