Curro HCA provides the opportunity for learners to develop a life-long passion for sport through the following:

  • KDA physical education programme
  • Local and national sports tours, festivals and training camps
  • Top-quality professional sports coaches, including the following: 
    • Aquazone swim club (Angela Marlton)
    • Carl Storm Swimming
    • Simply Cricket (Shaun Warner)
    • JT Tennis Academy
    • Madsen Hockey Academy

Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy boasts two sports fields, a heated swimming pool, cricket nets and tennis/netball courts.

Most major seasonal sports are offered at Curro HCA, where physical exercise is a cornerstone of healthy development. These include tennis, swimming, water polo, cricket, soccer (boys and girls), cross-country, hockey, indoor hockey, rugby, touch rugby (for girls as well) and athletics.

Learners are given every opportunity to reach provincial and national levels. Spirited sportsmanship at a competitive and social level is encouraged.

Curro HCA also has a 'club' Friday afternoon, with Concept Cyclery running a mountain biking club, Pinetown Gymnastics, Garvz, and various other clubs who may offer their activity in season.