RECEPTION PHASE (Gr 000 to Gr 0)


  Executive Head:  Melville Temlett 

 Head of Curro Castle Hillcrest: Angie Richardson  

At Curro Castle Hillcrest we firmly believe that 'play is the serious business of childhood'. 

Our main emphasis is on learning through play and self-discovery in order to develop each learner physically, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually. 

We have classes from ages: ( 3yrs turning 4 )  Group 0000  up to Grade R

1. We want to develop confident, curious and competent individuals who leave us well equipped to face the challenges of 'big school'.

2. We provide a nurturing, secure environment where each child is able to develop at their own pace.

3. We have a balance between formal classroom-based activities and free-choice times.

4. We offer various play areas aimed at developing specific skills:

• Creative area allows for freedom of expression, development of spatial concepts, development of fine motor skills, creativity, individual thought
• Fantasy area – critical for social and emotional development
• Cognitive area – intellectual development, social skills, self-discipline and motivation
• Garden – large muscle development, locomotor skills, sensory experiences

Language, Mathematics, Lego Soft Bricks, Science, Music, discussion, developmental play, drama, baking and story rings are presented in Groups 4 and 5 (3/4 and 4/5 years old).

Home language (English), First additional language (Afrikaans), Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology (Robotics), Social Sciences, Life Skills, Music, Drama, discussion, baking and story rings, as well as swimming and the KDA programme are presented in Grade R.

Groups 4 and 5 go on numerous outings during the year, while the Grade Rs join the Adventure Out There Programme.

Children who love to learn, learn to love and, with this in mind, we are excited to help each child in our care to discover their individual, God-given greatness.