Executive Head: Melville Temlett

Head of Foundation Phase:  Andrea Hayward 

The foundation phase at Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy is always buzzing with much excitement. Our educators are dedicated to ensuring that each and every young learner’s needs are met through helping them discover their greatness and then nurturing them to develop this greatness too. Our team of Christian, professional and enthusiastic educators are fully committed to their calling. The staff attend numerous training sessions to ensure that their professional growth is maintained. In addition, we offer a highly qualified learning support system for those who need it. Our learning programme provides a variety of opportunities for all types of learning to take place and the needs of each learner are met. The learners are happy, friendly and feel proud to be part of the Curro HCA family.

  • In bright and happy classrooms they continue with their reading skills and learn all the numeracy, literacy and life skills that they will need. Included in their every-day scholastic adventure are all the other learning areas: Audiblox, art, music, drama, Zulu, Afrikaans, computers, media, physical education.
  • We are very blessed to supplement our academic programme by taking learning outside to the great outdoors. Here we attend our fantastic Adventure Out There Programme. The learners go out on adventure trips and learn a variety of skills that may equip them for life. They attend one outdoor trip per term and Grade 3 has the awesome opportunity of sleeping out for a night.
  • The extramural timetable provides ample opportunity for each learner to participate in many fields of sport.  Here too they can develop themselves physically and discover their talents. Professional sports coaching is also available on site.