A kaleidoscope of opportunity for every learner to experience the heart of nurtured creative excellence under the guidance of

skilled specialists in the fields of art, music, drama, choir, marimba and instrumental tuition.


At Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy there is a music room, art room and drama room.

Curro HCA is fortunate to have a large school hall, a sports hall and access to the CityHill 4 000-seater auditorium to host cultural activities.

The learners have access to recorders, xylophones, violins and marimbas for the music classes.

Curro HCA hosts the Highway Harmony Choir Evening (a collection of local senior primary choirs), the Nearly Christmas Choir Evening (junior primary choirs) and Festival in the Hills (our annual arts festival, in collaboration with Kloof Rotary Club).

Massed choir event in 4 000-seater CityHill Auditorium on Curro HCA Campus.


At Curro Hillcrest ( High school campus ) the learners are given a wide choice of cultural opportunities to get involved in. 

From Photo club, A Capella choir, Marimba bands, Toastmasters, Forum discussion, Art clubs...