All learners from Grade 3 to Grade 7 attend specialised art lessons in our art studio. Painting, printing, drawing, hammering, drilling, moulding, engraving, designing, experimenting, weaving and threading are some of our activities in the studio.

Learners in Grade 1 and 2 are invited to attend art club as an extramural activity. We have two major art exhibitions a year. Our first one is during Crest Fest (our annual creative arts festival), where we exhibit different schools’ art works. Secondly, our end-of-year exhibition is a celebration of all our learners' works that they have done throughout the year.

Our art and culture department has their own blog where parents can see what exciting projects their children have been working on during the term.

'When you teach a child the language of the visual arts, he learns
the international
language of humankind.'

Victor Lewis, Art Educator and Author.