Adventure Out There      

Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy’s outdoor programme, Adventure Out There, reaches beyond ordinary outings, excursions and tours to provide a balanced,

fun-filled outdoor training programme in a supportive environment.

Learners are extended and challenged with activities and exercises that develop initiative, character, self-esteem, leadership and team skills.

Learners are given an opportunity to discover and develop their potential in an outdoor environment. 

These excursions also include formal environmental studies, which add practical experience to the syllabus topics. Some of the skills covered are: environmental, interpersonal,

risk management, individual growth, Christian values, teamwork and leadership. Some of the activities covered are: camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, rope work, fire safety,

flora and fauna studies, water safety, first aid, abseiling, orienteering, marine safety and scuba diving.