In an ideal world, every single educational institution would be the perfect setting for a learner. However, the reality is that many educational institutions lack the funds or the ability to provide the perfect environment, hence the development of independent educational institutions. Learners are afforded the best possible opportunities at independent educational institutions in the form of:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Good quality facilities
  • Good sporting facilities
  • Top class educationalists

Why Woodhill College?
Woodhill College is a partnership between the school and its staff, the parent body and its learners. We are a coeducational school and accept learners from the age of three, when they enter the foundation school. In Grade 1, the learners progress to the preparatory school and finally to the high school in Grade 7. In so doing, each child is nurtured through each phase by providing them with a holistic, top-quality education where they are encouraged to be the individuals that they are and to endeavour to achieve to the best of their ability.

Woodhill College prides itself on providing more than just education.

The academic staff are fully qualified and more than competent to teach the learners, as are the sporting staff, who are qualified and enthusiastic. Besides the excellent education the learners receive, they are also afforded the opportunity to participate in the cultural life of Woodhill College, from drama to art to music. This enables learners to become well-rounded individuals who are not spoon-fed, but empowered to deal with what life in the outside world has to offer.

We truly consider Woodhill College as a family unit, where each member is treated with dignity and respect. We do believe in good moral values, which is an extension of what pupils are taught at home. We follow the national curriculum and write the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examination at the end of Grade 12. These examinations are benchmarked against Scottish Highers, again affording the pupils a chance to further their education overseas if so desired.
Woodhill College educates for LIFE!
So, in conclusion, we believe that the question should not be 'Why Woodhill College?' but rather 'Why not?'