Sport at Woodhill College plays an integral role in the holistic education of the child. It is an extension of the classroom and is compulsory. Although Woodhill College aspires to good performance at interschool level, we NEVER lose sight of the educational principles involved in sport, for example:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Fair play
  • Participation
  • A well-balanced life style – to prevent burn-out at a young age
  • Spirit
  • Discipline, responsibility and values as a person and team member

The college strives to enable each learner to fulfil their potential within the compulsory sports programme.

Our sports programme offers 13 different sports and opportunity for each learner to participate. Traditional school sports calendars are term based, which leads to a change of codes every term.

Six on-site sports academies support the school sports programme. The opportunity for specialisation is offered through the Woodhill College academies.

The WHC campus has a vast array of facilities to enable learners to practise and develop in sport.