PRIDE values of the WHC athlete

Proudly Woodhill

• All efforts are directed at the betterment of the college, not themselves
• Proud of the 10-year history and traditions of sport at the college and takes care of the equipment and facilities
• Behaves as a proud athlete of WHC


• All players, coaches, and officials – regardless of school, race, creed or ability
• Rules and traditions of the sport
• Decisions made by educators, coaches and officials regarding selection and results
• Doctors' or medial officials' decisions and advice

Integrity and honesty

• Honest at all times and plays with integrity
• Loyal to the school and the team
• Shows appreciation for good performance, time spent by coaches, officials and all role players to make sport possible

Discipline and responsibility

• Woodhill athlete does the correct thing even when people are not looking
• Makes good decisions regarding their own well-being and that of team members
• Disciplined to do hard work and team work
• Realises the responsibility to the college team to be at practice and competitions


A WHC athlete aspires to good performance at interschool level, but NEVER loses sight of the educational principles involved:

• Sportsmanship
• Fair play
• Participation
• Spirit