To produce young people who are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Woodhill College will set out to achieve this by:

  • Aspiring towards excellence in the academic, sporting and cultural fields
  • Creating a safe, caring and enriching environment in which each child can find a 'place in the sun'
  • Providing progressive, technologically advanced and innovative education
  • Contributing towards the development of character by encouraging personal integrity, loyalty, good manners,
  • Independent thinking and high moral values
  • Fostering respect for all fellow citizens and an appreciation of cultural diversity

As to a philosophy...

College commitment

Woodhill College is committed to:

  • Community service – parents, learners, educators and executive heads of the college may identify projects. The value of the projects to the community will be assessed and every effort made to ensure that the particular community benefits.
  • Including parents in decisions relating to the development of the college. This is achieved through representation on parent committees and various subcommittees.
  • Maintaining an economically viable fee structure within the bounds of affordability and what the board of directors believes can be sustained. The fee structure includes the cost of sports coaching until such time as the board of directors decides otherwise.


The overall objective is to establish and maintain a high-quality independent college for learners from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

General educational objectives

The college will provide:

  • Modern educational facilities
  • A safe environment within Woodhill College grounds
  • A Christian-based ethos where Christian principles and habits are applied
  • Excellent, effectively trained and dedicated staff with statutory certification of staff qualifications
  • A disciplined yet stimulating learning environment
  • Tuition respecting all cultures
  • Language tuition at higher-grade language level in English, Afrikaans and any other language offered as an examination subject
  • Qualified staff to assist learners with special learning needs as identified
  • A wide variety of cultural activities
  • A selection of sporting activities and sports facilities – with a view to the development of further facilities in subsequent phases

Specific objectives for learners, educators and parents

Learner objectives

Woodhill College aims to develop the following in the learner:

  • The ability to realise potential in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, cultural and social areas
  • A thirst for knowledge by constantly stimulating curiosity
  • An awareness of knowledge gained (cognitive development), enabling the learner to understand reason and apply this knowledge appropriately
  • The ability to access and manage further information independently through research; information retrieval skills – using up-to-date technology and multi-media libraries – are part of the curriculum
  • A sense of community and service from which personal growth and civic responsibility stem
  • A Christian value system coupled with knowledge of self-worth
  • Pride in the community and country and the part played therein by learners
  • A sense of tradition and history
  • Basic life skills and the ability to set and realise feasible personal goals
  • A desire to utilise and continue using the facilities provided for intellectual, physical, cultural and social activities

Parent objectives

Woodhill College includes parents in decisions relating to the activities and development of the college. At the same time, the college expects parents to:

  • Accept the responsibility of being the primary educators
  • Understand that the college will do everything possible to assist parents in this responsibility
  • Accept the letter and spirit in which the code of conduct is written and actively and positively support it
  • Raise any suggested alterations or objections to points in the code of conduct directly with the executive head for referral to the board of directors

Staff objectives

Woodhill College aims to:

  • Attract only motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated staff who will be loyal staff members, committed to the principles of their profession
  • Provide benefits commensurate with those in other quality educational institutions, considering qualifications, experience and individual needs
  • Encourage staff members to accept challenging responsibilities, to interact positively with all people encountered and take into consideration the many differences existing in South Africa
  • Provide the ability to access and manage further information independently through research; information retrieval skills – using up-to-date technology and multi-media libraries – are part of the curriculum