Aftercare facilities are available for Grade 000 to Grade 6 and learners are supervised in a safe and loving environment until their parents are able to fetch them.

Junior aftercare for Grade 000 to Grade 0 is accommodated in the foundation school. The learners need to bring a packed lunch with them and a microwave is available for food to be warmed if necessary.

The afternoon programme includes a quiet time when Grade 00 and 000 can lie down and sleep or rest, creative activities and, most important, free-play time when learners can play games and do different fun activities. The aftercare staff also ensure that learners are sent to their extramural activities where applicable.

Senior aftercare for Grade 1 to Grade 6 is accommodated close to the sports fields. Learners have lunch and are sent to their various extramural activities. Those learners not at extramural activities go to supervised homework. After completing their homework, learners have a period of free play on the sports field or do indoor activities. On Fridays the learners play board games, swing-ball or table soccer, or organise soccer or cricket matches on the top field.

Holiday care is available and a special project is organised for each day. Various indoor and outdoor activities are organised and learners are allowed to ride bicycles or skateboards, provided the appropriate safety gear is worn.

Junior aftercare Grades 000 to 0

Supervisor: Ms Emily Ngobeni – 084 994 6153

Times: Monday to Friday 13:00–17:30

Senior aftercare Grades 1 to 6

Supervisor: Mrs Marge Maree – 083 437 6840

Grades 1 to 3: Monday and Wednesday 14:30–17:30 & Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 13:30–17:30

Grades 4 to 6: Monday to Friday 13:30–17:30