Woodhill College seeks professional coaches to present additional coaching to learners at their own expense as well as to learners from other schools. The academies guide and train the coaches to implement their techniques, structures or game plan so that there is both development and consistency from preparatory to high school. Woodhill College aspires to associate with experts in the sports codes. Academies offer the learner the opportunity to specialise, as specialisation requires year-long programmes and the school sports are term based/seasonal, which implies that learners must change their sports code every term.

  • Cricket Academy - Professional coaches - Northern Titan Selectors and Coaches
  • Athletics Academy - Professional coach
  • Netball Academy - Professional coach
  • Swimming Academy - Professional resident coach
  • Tennis Academy - Two professional resident coaches
  • Golf Academy - PGA coach
  • Rugby academy - Professional coach
  • Soccer Academy - Affiliated with Supersport United