About Us



Waterstone College has a vision that is unique, we are an organisation that believes in the future of education, offers a professional service and produces a product that is internationally marketable.

The vision of Waterstone College is that every learner becomes a well-rounded individual with excellent values, who excels in various areas of life, and can make a positive contribution to society.

We are driven by the immense satisfaction of striving for and attaining, high standards of excellence and believe that attention to detail, meticulous planning and a future-orientated approach will make Waterstone College the school of your choice.

As the Executive Head I believe that it is important to add value and be an integral part of my school. I believe having an open door policy which means that learners, parents and staff are welcome to come and discuss any issues with me.

At Waterstone College we will not negotiate our standards or our level of discipline and will have a zero- tolerance approach to drugs, truancy and vandalism. Learners will be rewarded for participation and achievement.

They will be allowed to develop and will be encouraged to be involved, while our staff will enjoy the support from management, and be treated as professionals which will allow them to grow in their careers.

The future is upon us and one day we will look back and proudly say… we were the pioneers of greatness.

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power”
Mary Pickford

Vernon Rorich
Executive Head