The College Motto

The Motto is in Latin, “Carpe Diem”, which means “Seize the Day”. 

School is all about opportunities that can be taken or spurned, and decisions that will

Have long lasting consequences.

Carpe Diem is the phrase that encourages every learner to take those opportunities,

To make the right decisions, and to be able to look back on his or her years at school without regret



  • We only live once
  • Life is a series of opportunities and challenges that can be taken or ignored
  • God provides us each morning with what we need to get though the day
  • Within a few short years we will be nothing but a memory


Carpe Diem Waterstone College

From South African roots our pride is grown
A school renowned in name
Its motto serves to show us all how it achieved its fame
In work or play: integrity
Respect to all is shown
And so we strive for excellence
“Carpe Diem” Waterstone

Within these walls or on the fields
This motto sets the rule
The glory we may here obtain
Brings glory to the school
Our faith in God is paramount
Our hope in Christ is shown
And so we urge to do our best
Carpe Diem Waterstone

Where ever we go in years to come
Whatever our task may be
We’ll think upon its heritage
The fire within me
However hard the times may get
Perseverance shall be shown
To others we will proudly claim
“Carpe Diem” Waterstone
“Carpe Diem” Waterstone