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The Castle


At our nursery school we strive to fill every day with new and wonderful learning experiences, to help young learners to find out what interests and inspires them.

Choosing the right nursery school is important for two reasons:

  • It lays the foundation for your child’s future social and academic life
  • It may also be the first time your little one is stepping out from a protected and secure environment, and teaches them to be on his/her own for some time.

Waterstone College is a special place where:

  • play is valued
  • voices sing
  • children engage in creative movement and music making
  • Artistic expression is encouraged
  • The academic programme is stimulating and fun

At Waterstone College we believe in the magic of childhood, the joy of being young and the unbridled innocence of youth.

Our Castle is a home away from home, where children also enjoy well-balanced and wholesome meals and snacks.

Special attention is given to school readiness and brain development, in line with the latest scientifically proven methods.

The magic of Waterstone College is kept alive with the fantasy surroundings, a variety of extra mural activities and fun-filled holiday programmes.  Playgrounds are carefully designed and equipped with state-of-the-art play structures that also provide an educational touch to playground games.

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance and therefore our Castle Guard controls who enters and exits the Castle. We also have a full time receptionist and security cameras.

Hygiene and maintenance are regarded as top priorities and are executed by a dedicated team of Castle Workers.

At Waterstone College, the emphasis is on the uniqueness of each child. According to the Curro philosophy, every child is regarded as a competent learner from birth.  We understand that children develop and learn in different ways and at different paces.  All areas of development and learning are equally important and are inter-connected.

The Castle has a qualified nurse on the premises, who in the unfortunate case of any mishaps, is able to administer immediate first aid assistance to the children.

The number of children per class varies from 15-25, depending on the age group.

Classes are divided as follows:

Group 1                3 months to 12 Months

Group 2                13 Months to 24 Months 

Group 3                2 Years to 3 Years

Group 4                3 Years to 4 Years

Group 5                4 Years to 5 Years


The 3 months – 24 months programme is designed around the developmental milestones that children need to reach at different stages of their young lives.  We concentrate on developing and extending children according to their individual needs, focusing on:

  • Doing
  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Gross motor skills
  • Communication skills
  • Exploration



This programme is designed to allow two-year-old's to learn through play by encouraging individual interests. By promoting their independence and developing emerging awareness of social behaviour, we help the young child to extend their world beyond the home and into the school community. Classroom time affords educators the opportunity to give learners support in growing their independence.  Teaching a child to increase their ability to communicate by listening and by practising expressive language is of paramount importance.  Throughout the day, children are carefully guided in making their own choices. They participate in small groups, take part in circle time, and are encouraged to build the confidence needed to try new things. Children enjoy free play to allow a flow of creativity and imagination.



Three year old's are full of wonder. This is an exciting time for these young learners, who are changing physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.  The focus of the nursery school is to give these children the opportunity of learning and developing in a loving and caring environment. Days are busily filled with interesting explorations, investigations and discoveries.  Children express themselves through art, music and movement. They practice math and number concepts, using age-appropriate materials to teach them to organise, sort, count, build and sequence. They explore the world of science through weather, cooking and seasonal activities. In the gym, they develop motor skills and co-ordination, while running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing and catching. Their literacy skills are developed during story times, encouraging a love for reading and writing.



The GR 00 Curriculum is designed to encourage the young child to be imaginative, energetic, and inquisitive, exploring the classroom environment with curiosity and purpose. Nursery school children are eager to learn, and school activities are designed to involve and engage these young learners with interesting lessons and materials. Experienced and qualified practitioners plan math, literacy, science, social studies, art, music and movement lessons to thoroughly prepare children for a smooth transition to Grade R.

Children are invited to make independent choices in a child-friendly learning environment, following well-established structures and routines to guide them. Opportunities for hands-on learning are presented daily, allowing the young child to grow through play and real world experiences. Daily activities are scheduled in a whole group and smaller groups promote socialisation and community building. Children engage in conversations with educators and friends daily, learning to take turns, listen and share.

Waterstone College aims to inspire minds to become extraordinary through the unique Curro nursery school curriculum. It is designed with early learning goals in mind:

  • Language development
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Creative development (art)
  • Cognitive thinking, memory skills and numeracy (mathematics)
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world (science and technology)