High School


The History of Curro Thatchfield

The vision for a school at Thatchfield dates back to the 1970’s when Charles Lloys Ellis’ late father, Tommy Lloys Ellis, submitted the first application to establish a residential township on his property, White Hills Farm, named after the rocky white quartz outcrops which occur here. This is now an attractive feature on the school grounds. Lloys Ellis (snr) had an old Galion grader, and whenever it was free he would put it to work levelling an area for a playing field for a future school. His old field now forms part of the new High School playing fields. Over 10 years ago Lloys Ellis (jnr) started with the development of Thatchfield based on his original applications and today over 2000 families live here. With the rapid growth of Thatchfield and the number of young families moving into the area it became apparent that there was a desperate need for a school. Lloys Ellis (jnr) had numerous discussions over several years with various organisations involved in education but, could never find a group that he was “comfortable” with. He then heard of a new company based in Cape Town which wanted to build schools country-wide. He flew down to meet them and they “clicked” immediately. He says: “They were young, enthusiastic and had a wonderful vision. We did the deal on a handshake and the rest was history. The success of Curro Thatchfield has been beyond all of our wildest dreams. The school is a wonderful asset to Thatchfield and the surrounding area and it gives me great pleasure to see the realisation of my father’s dream.” Lloys Ellis’ donation of 6 hectares of land initially attracted Curro to Thatchfield and subsequently additional land was purchased in 2013 for the establishment of Curro High School as well as Curro Castle which will open its doors in January 2015.