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High School Staff

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 High School Staff



Operational Head - High School

To be appointed



Mrs Angilley, S

Subjects: Life Science

Register Class: Gr 8E2

Email: shirley.a@curro.co.za



Mrs Aspeling, M

Subjects: Physical Science Juniors

Bible Education

Register class: Gr 8E1

Email: marie.a@curro.co.za



Mr Barnard, A

Sport SMT

Subjects: Sport Science

Head of Boys sport

Email: andre.b@curro.co.za



Mr Barnard, C

Subjects English Teacher

Register Class: 11E2

Head of Culture

Email: pieter.b@curro.co.za



Ms Botha, A

Subjects: Mathematics

Register Class: 11E1

Email: adeline.b@curro.co.za


Mr Botha, F

Subjects: Mathematics & Geography

Register class: 10E3

Email: frederik.b@curro.onmicrosoft.com



Ms Bouwer, S

Subjects: Physical Science & Mathematics

Register class: 10E2

Email: sharlene.b01@curro.co.za


(No photo available)

Mr Buys, R

Subjects: IT Juniors

Register class: 8A1

Email: riaan.b1@curro.co.za



Dr Buys, C 

Head of Mathematics

Inter Curro Subject head

Subjects: Mathematics

Register class: 11A1

Email: christina.b@curro.co.za



Mrs Coetzer, K

Subjects: Economics, EMS, Accounting & Business Studies

Register class: 11E5

Email: karien.p02@curro.co.za



Mr Dreyer, T

Subjects: English

Register class: 11E3

Email: donovan.d01@curro.co.za


Ms Du Plessis, L

Subjects: Afrikaans

Register class: 9E3

Email: lizani.d@curro.co.za


Ms Eloff, M

Subjects: Maths Literacy & Mathematics

Register class: 10E4

Email: marina.e@curro.co.za



Mrs Engels, C

Subjects: Geography

Register class: 12E3

Email:  caron.e@curro.co.za


Mrs Graaff, A

Subjects: Mathematics

Grade head – Grade 10

Head of Netball

Email: alicia.g01@curro.co.za



Ms Hoffman, P

Subjects: Mathematics

Register class: 8E5

Email: patricia.r@curro.co.za



Mr Hubbard, M

Subjects: English

Register class: 10E1

Head of Soccer

Email: mark.h@curro.co.za


Mr Jacobs, J

Subjects: Business studies

Register class: 11E4

Head of Cricket

Email: jaques.j01@curro.co.za


Mrs Jardim, W

Subjects: Accounting, EMS

Grade head – Grade 12

Head of financial department

Email: wanda.j@curro.co.za


Ms Kruger, M

Grade head – Grade 8

Subjects: Afrikaans

Email: marile.k01@curro.co.za



Ms Lingenfelder, L

Subject: Drama & Arts & Culture

Register class: 9E1

Email: linde.l@curro.onmicrosoft.com


Ms Malherbe, I

Subjects: Afrikaans

Register class: 9A1

Head of Girls sport

Email: ilse.m02@curro.co.za


Ms Mans, S

Subjects: Art and Arts & Culture

Register class: 8E3

Email: suzette.m01@curro.co.za


Ms Milne, P

Subjects: English

Register class: 12E2

Email: pauline.m@curro.co.za



Ms Muller, S

Subjects: English

Register class: 8E4

Email: sheena.m@curro.co.za


Mrs Naidoo, S

Subjects: Life Science

Head of Life Science


Phase Head: Grade 8 & 9

Email: samantha.n@curro.co.za


Ms Nieuwoudt, M

Subjects: Accounting & EMS

Register class: 9E5

Email: marna.n01@curro.co.za


Ms Pillay, C

Subjects: Physical Science

Email: charmaine.p@curro.co.za


Mr Potter,L

Subjects: EGD

Grade head: Grade 11

Email: louis.p01@curro.co.za


Mr Sargent, B

Subjects: EGD

Grade head: Grade 9

Head of Boys Hockey

Email: bryan.s@curro.co.za


Ms Scheepers, A

Subjects: Mathematics and Life Science

Register class: 9E2

Email: anja.s01@curro.co.za


Mrs Slabbert, S

Subjects: Afrikaans

Head of Afrikaans department

Register class: 12E1

Email: suzelle.s01@curro.co.za


Mrs Van der Westhuizen, E

Subjects: CAT

SMT – Academics

Phase Head: Grade 10 – 12

Email: rachel.v@curro.co.za


Ms Van Rhyn, M

Subjects: Afrikaans

Register class: 9E4

Email: marisa.v@curro.co.za


Mr Van Strijp

Subjects: English

Head of English department

Inter Curro Subject head

Email: patrick.v@curro.co.za


Mr Venter, M

Subjects: Life Orientation

Register class: 10A1

Email: mathys.v@curro.co.za


Ms Kruger, Z

Subjects: Physical education



Mr Nkuna, K

Subjects: Physical Education