In this section we will attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions as fully as possible.

 1. My child is only going to start school in a couple of yers' time, do I need to apply now?

Yes, it is wise to complete application forms and hand them in soon. The application will go on to a waiting list and it will be processed the year before your child is due to start school. The enrolment fees only need to be paid once the forms have been processed.

 2.  Is Curro Serengeti a registered independent school?


 3. What is the language medium of the school?

Parallel medium (Afrikaans and English) in separate classes (Grades R to 11).  Phasing Afrikaans in to Grade 12 - 2017.  Language of instruction for the present Gr 12's is English.

 4. Which grades do you accommodate?

Three months old to Grade 12.

 5. What is your enrolment procedure?

Enrolments for the nursery school  to Grade 11 are already open.  Procedures to follow are as follows:  interview, assess, enrol.

 6. Do you offer school sport?

Yes, sport forms part of the extramural activities of the school.  See the Sport Page for more details. 

 7. Which matric examination do you write?

The Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

 8. Do you have a financial scale for fees for more than one child?

We do not have a fixed scale, but individual needs can be negotiated with the director of finance.

 9.  Do learners wear a school uniform?

Yes.  See the Dress Code for more information. 

10. How do you handle discipline?

Through a formal  code of conduct.