Swimming schedule/programme

2017 – Term 1

Primary school training

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate beginner swimmers. A learner must be able to swim

the width of Sable Hills pool (more or less 25m) without assistance, without holding onto the

side of the pool and without using swimming devices such as water wings, tubes, etc. All

learners are welcome to come and try out on Monday, 16 January 2017 to see if they


Primary school swimmers train every day Mondays to Thursdays from 14:20 – 15:35

(including travel time).


Learners must meet at the flag poles at 14:20 in the afternoons already dressed in their costumes. Learners do not change in the bathrooms at Sable Hills.


They must return to school after practices with their costumes on and come and change in

the school bathrooms.

First practice for Term 1 (all swimmers): 16 January 2017


Teachers involved in swimming with e-mail addresses

Sanet Myburgh (Organiser – Primary school): sanet.m@curroholdings.co.za

Anita Pienaar (Head coach): anita.p@curroholdings.co.za



High School Swimming

High school

Swimmers train on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14:40 – 15:50 (including travel time).

They meet at the buses at 14:40.

Corrie Boshoff (Organiser – High school): corrie.b@curroholdings.co.za

New staff member: to be announced