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Social responsibility

Charity outreach at Curro Hazeldean Primary 

Various outreaches and charity drives are held throughout the year and all our learners are encouraged to participate when applicable.  

These events teach our learners that it is important to care for others and support our communities in need. 

Charities that we support: 

  • Eleos registered non-profit organisation, reg. no. NPO 033-184 (Mercy in Action) – – 
  • Danville Hulpprojek – registered article 21 organisation:  non-profit organisation PBO. 930018872 –  (Laerskool Generaal Beyers) 
  • Paul Jungnickle Home – Kungwini Welfare Organisation – 
  • Vastfontein Childcare Village – 
  • Boschkop Primary Farm school – 012 811 2031 / 082 290 1758 

Charity drive for 2017

Term 1 

  • Lunch box project 2017 

This project is voluntary and the idea is to provide an extra sandwich/fruit for learners in our school who need it and also for learners who forgot their lunch box at home.  A lunch box basket will be placed at the tuck shop each day.  The register class will make a list of all who volunteer to take part and each day someone will get a turn to bring an extra sandwich or fruit to school. These items get placed in the basket at the tuck shop. Leaners are welcome to help themselves. 

  • Curro Care Week (13 – 17 February 2017) 
  • Monday (06:30): Committee and council members welcome all learners to school by handing out Bible verses.  
  • Wednesday: We donate bags filled with toiletries to the learners of Vastfontein Childcare Village. Each grade gets to donate a different kind of toiletry item.  
  • Thursday: Grades 2 to 3: Invite someone to read a story to the class.  Grades 4 to 7 ask questions to one another to get to know each other.  
  • Friday: All staff will receive a snack box from another staff member or from the Curro care committee.  
  • 3 March 2017 – Women’s World Day of Prayer (MAD Moms) 

Term 2 

  • Second-hand clothes, shoes, baby items and blankets 

We will be collecting the above items during the second term. These items will be donated to the above-mentioned charities.  

Term 3 

  • Staff outreach project – ten-year celebrations 

Staff gets divided in ten groups. Each group identify an outreach project where they as a group can make a difference during the third term. It is all about giving your time and making a difference by doing something, e.g. visit an underprivileged nursery school and plan a fun activity with the learners.  

Term 4 

  • World Diabetes Day – 14 November 2017 

Theme: Eyes on Diabetes – leaners wear something blue to school and we encourage healthy lunch boxes. Our diabetes leaners get to wear a special T-shirt for the day. 

  • Collect non-perishable items 

We collect non-perishable items for our non-academic staff at school. This will be made up and handed over to them on the last day of school.  

  • Curro tradition 

On the last day of school all our Grade 7 learners donate their school shoes to the less fortunate. Dr Rheeders will receive these from the Gr 7 learners after the last merit function. These shoes will then be donated to Boschkop Primary Farm School.       

Curro cares  ̶  together we can make a difference!