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Foundation phase (Grade 1 to 3)

  • Various sport and cultural activities offered at the school
  • Eisteddfod participation
  • Continuous assessment in all Learning Areas
  • Parent meetings to discuss progress of learners
  • Three formal progress reports  to show parents the assessment standards achieved during the term
  • An end-of-year merit function at which EVERY learner receives recognition for the work done during the academic year
  • IT classes that are integrated with the curriculum – computer skills and Mathematics enrichment
  • Outings to various educational places that integrate with themes done in class
  • First additional language incorporated into the Literacy curriculum as from Grade 1
  • PD - Physical development
  • Robotics offered at school
  • Problem-solving mathematical approach followed to enhance mental ability and critical thinking
  • Chess classes offered during school time for Gr R to Gr 3 learners