Charities that we support:

 Eleos registered non-profit organisation, reg. no. NPO 033-184 (Mercy in Action/Genade in Aksie) –

  1. Danville Hulpprojek– registered article 21 organisation:  non-profit organisation PBO. 930018872 –  (Laerskool Generaal Beyers)

  2. Paul Jungnickle Home– Kungwini Welfare Organisation –

  3. Ekukhanyeni Home Based CentreNPO 44-739 – a project driven by Raziserve (Pty) Ltd – Yolande Ehlers 071 686 5182

  4. Vastfontein Childcare Village-



  • Launch the Judea Hope project by handing out money collection cans

Each child received a Judea Hope money ‘can’, they were asked to collect at least R25 before 14 April 2015.  The money raised will then be used for our Judea Hope project.

**Judea Hope ( in partnership with My Foundation ( is planning a record breaking One Million Meal Packing event for 5 and 6 June 2015. The meals are packed by volunteers, from the corporates, churches and schools that donate R25 000 for 50 food boxes and 16 000 meals. Through a fun and engaging assembly-line process, a team of 40 volunteers can pack 16 000 meals in just three hours. We plan to pack one million meals in a 48-hour period, where the 65 teams will relay each other every three hours. The meals are highly nutritious, dehydrated meals comprising rice, soya, vegetables, flavouring and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. The meals were designed by a medical doctor, Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg. They are easy to transport, store and distribute to those in greatest need.

  • Curro Care week (9 – 13 February 2015)

The theme for this week will be 'a tithe' (giving a tenth).  Each class will pack one or two shoe boxes filled with toiletries.  This will be donated to the learners of Vastfontein Childcare Village.  On Friday, 13 February 2015 the staff members will serve lunch to all the ground staff and assistants of the school. 

  • World Prayer Day for Women (6 March 2016)

The theme will be 'Jesus said to them: Do you understand what I have done for you?'  We would like to invite all our Grade 6 and 7 girls to an afternoon tea. Venue:   School hall (14:30).  More information will be sent out at a later stage. 


  • Judea Hope project (5 June 2015) – One Million Meals

A team of 40 volunteers (staff members and learners) will take part.

  • Second-hand clothes, shoes, baby items and blankets will be collected during the second term.  These items will be donated to the above-mentioned charities. 


  • 'Pencil sock' project

We collect Grade 1 stationery packs for Laerskool Generaal Beyers in Danville. 



  • World Diabetes Day – 14 November 2015

Theme:  Starting the day with a healthy breakfast.

  • Collect non-perishable items

We collect non-perishable items for our ground staff at school.  This will be made up and handed over to them on the last day of school. 

  • Curro tradition:  on the last day of school all our Grade 7 learners donate their school shoes to the less fortunate. Dr Rheeders will receive these from the Grade 7 learners in front of his office.  These shoes will then be donated to a school in need.   

                                                              Curro Cares -

                                                              Together we can make a difference!