Whenever you do written work you must differentiate between your own ideas and those which you did not think of yourself.  You commit plagiarism in written work when you use another person’s words, ideas or opinions without acknowledging them as being from that other person.  You do this whenever you copy the work word-by-word (verbatim); or submit someone else’s work in a slightly altered form (such as changing a word with one meaning to another word with the same meaning), and you do not acknowledge the source. 

It does not matter how much of the other person’s work you use (whether it is one sentence or a whole section), or whether you do it unintentionally or on purpose.  If you present the work as your own without acknowledging that person, you are committing theft. 


  • All work submitted for assessment must be your own work. If it is a group project, a joint effort is expected and should be indicated as such.
  • Plagiarism applies to copying both from other students’ work and from published sources such as books, reports, journal articles or web-sites.
  • Use of quotations or data from the work of others is entirely acceptable, and is often very valuable, provided that the source of the quotation or data is given.
  • Paraphrasing is also plagiarism. This is taking a piece of text and changing a few words or phrases and presenting it as your own. The way to avoid this is to extract the essence of the texts being used, by making notes, using key-words and re-working the material in your own words. In this case your sources should still be acknowledged.
  • If one allows someone else to copy one’s work, this is collusion and both parties are guilty of plagiarism. This also applies if one presents work as one’s own individual effort, where in fact it has been developed jointly with others. WHAT IS THE PENALTY FOR PLAGIARISM?DECLARATION
  • I accept that plagiarism is wrong.
  • Plagiarism is a serious offence, equated with cheating in examinations. The penalty is a zero mark, as well as appropriate penalties on the Conduct Report.
  • I confirm that all work handed in for evaluation will be my own except where indicated
  • I will clearly reference/list all sources, i.e. I will provide the sources of all pictures, data, etc. that are not my own
  • I will acknowledge in appropriate places any help that I have received from others
  • I will not allow anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as his or her own work.   
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