Curro Castle Serengeti


  1. How old must my child be before I can enrol him/her in Curro Castle Serengeti?

We currently offer a comprehensive curriculum and day care for children 3 months to 5 years.

  1. Is Curro Castle just a day care facility?

No, at the Castle we focus on the holistic development of our learners, with the main focus being placed on building independence, confidence and self-esteem.

  1. What areas are covered by the Castle curriculum?

The learning programmes are based on six learning areas which include the following:

  1. Language development
  2. Physical development
  3. Personal and Social development
  4. Arts development
  5. Mathematical development
  6. Science and Technology development

      4. What makes the Castle different from other pre-schools?

We believe in building a positive learning community that will ensure that children receive the best education possible. By promoting a philosophy of teamwork and respect, our school will build beneficial partnerships with parents, the community and other organizations and agencies.

  1. How do you teach children from such a young age?

At Curro Castle we strive to optimise learning in young brains and to capitalise on the potential children have for learning from a young age.  We therefore pay special attention to the theories of teaching and learning and the science behind how we develop, to ensure that our children receive the best education possible. 

Both playing and support, promote optimal early childhood development.  An understanding of a child’s Multiple Intelligences is important to ensure that the correct and appropriate teaching is taking place.  Even very young children can be guided to develop skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and creativity and innovation. 

Children extend their boundaries of understanding by working to find solutions in an environment where dialogue between educators and children keep them motivated, stimulating their creativity while developing their cognitive abilities.

  1. What are Lego soft bricks all about?

 The curriculum includes LEGO Education Learning Concepts, and the activities built around Lego soft bricks form the important early foundations for later Robotics studies.

  1. What value will a good early development program add to my child’s schooling career?

Young children learn best through activities that are relevant to their lives and that are varied enough to be challenging and engaging. Children develop independence and social skills through practical experiences, routine and discipline. Our daily mission at the Castle is to build a foundation of learning which will enable our children to be life-long learners and also promote school readiness.

  1. Is the Castle a Christian school?

Yes, through teaching the learners the fruits of the Spirit, we are fostering meaningful relationships, that will encourage empathy and an understanding that we as human beings are all created in our own unique and special way.

  1. Where is Curro Castle Serengeti situated?

We are conveniently situated just off the R21 off-ramp.  We are close to OR Tambo International Airport in Kempton Park.

  1. Who do I call to find out more about Curro Castle?

You can contact us during school hours on (011) 552 -7080/1/2/3. Our friendly Castle receptionist Meisie will direct your call accordingly.

  1. How does your learning program work?

The Curro Curriculum is designed according to the guidelines for school readiness and these developmental goals and desired results are incorporated into our Learning Programmes from 3 months to 5 years.  School readiness is evaluated based on six Learning Areas which form the basis of the curriculum design.

  1. How will my child benefit from attending Curro Castle Serengeti?

Curro recognises that every child is a competent learner from BIRTH and can be resilient, capable, confident, and self-assured. Our detailed fantasy surroundings play a key role in supporting and extending a child’s development and learning.

  1. My child has some areas of development that worries me. Will you be able to assist me?

Yes, children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of learning and development are equally important and are inter-connected. Children extend their boundaries of understanding by working to find solutions in an environment where dialogue between educators and children keep them motivated, stimulating their creativity while developing their cognitive abilities.

  1. How do I enrol at Curro Castle Serengeti?

Complete and return the application form (Application for admission forms are available on our website or can be collected at the school office).

  1. Who can I contact regarding placements at Curro Castle Serengeti?

Contact the Castle during office hours at (011) 552 7080/1/2/3 alternatively you can contact

  1. Is there a Primary or High school in the area where I can enrol my older children?

Yes, Curro Castle Serengeti is part of Curro Serengeti Primary and High school and functions as a phase of the school.

  1. What is Curro Castle Serengeti’s operating hours?

The school is open on weekdays, except for public holidays and Curro school holidays. Curro Castle functions from 07:00 to 17:30.

  1. Is there an Aftercare program at Curro Castle Serengeti?

Yes, the only time aftercare is not provided, is during Curro week and the Christmas holiday season.

  1. Is there a holiday program at Curro Castle Serengeti?

During the holidays the academic program is replaced with a holiday program, run by our support staff and aftercare supervisor.

  1. What will my child do at Aftercare?

Aftercare activities are designed to complete a balanced and harmonious day at the Castle. It takes the form of a structured and entertaining programme, which runs until 16:00.

  1. Are there any additional charges for Aftercare?

Yes, children enrolled at our school are not automatically enrolled into our aftercare programme. Please note that our aftercare is not included in our school fees and that there is an additional charge when you enrol your child for aftercare.

  1. What are the school fees at Curro Castle Serengeti?

Fee structures are available at reception and on our website. Alternatively phone Louise de Jager on (011) 552-7080 or email

  1. What does the school fee cover?

Monthly fees include:

  1. The curriculum based educational programme.
  2. Meals: A hot porridge in the morning, a hot lunch in the afternoon.

     24. Can I visit the school at any time?

Yes, we do however ask visitors to make an appointment and provide the school with their ID numbers and the school reserves the right to verify their identity if necessary. It has happened at schools that criminals gain access by posing as parents. 

  1. Who is allowed to fetch my child at school?

Only you and people who are authorised by you to fetch your child, may collect your child from school. You can rest assured that learners will under no circumstances be allowed out with any other person unless such permission was given beforehand.

  1. Do you have a playground that is contributing in the education of my child?

Yes, for many children outside play on the playground is the best part of the day at nursery school. The various types of outdoor equipment help children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility. Playing outdoors not only provides recreation and enjoyment, but also improves self-esteem, social and language skills, as well as the opportunity to explore and discover science and mathematical concepts and skills.

  1. Does Curro Castle Serengeti have a sickbay?

Yes, learners who become ill at school will be taken to the sick bay for observation, emergency care and assessment. The nurse will decide whether a learner is to stay in the sick bay until he/she is collected or can be sent back to class.

  1. Are there circumstances where my child will not be allowed to attend school?

Yes, learners will not be allowed to attend school if their illness poses a risk to others.

  1. Are the staff members trained to handle emergencies?

Yes, we have a registered nurse as part of our team at Curro Castle Serengeti, further most of the staff have had first aid training and one of them will at all times be on standby (from 07:00 to 17:30).

In case of emergencies like convulsions or an asthmatic episode, a senior staff member (usually the person in charge of health and safety) or the Nurse will take control of the situation and delegate responsibilities according to protocol.

  1. What if my child gets injured at school?

All injuries and illnesses that occur during school hours, as well as first aid training are handled by the registered nurse or a senior staff member. Personnel are required to give a full report to where injuries and illnesses occur.

  1. Is there a specific uniform for Castle learners?

No, parents must however see to it that their children wear comfortable clothes and shoes in which free movement is possible and which do not pose any danger. High heel shoes, shoes with wheels, long skirts and scarves and fantasy clothes with long capes or masks are not suitable clothing for school.

  1. How will you prevent my baby from getting sun burnt at the school?

Sunblock is used by the school as often as necessary and teachers will ensure that all learners playing in the sun wear sunblock. Dermatologists recommend that sunscreen be put on every one and a half hours especially during the summer months. A factor of SPF 50 is recommended and this is an essential that must be available for your child at school.

  1. Do I feed my child in the morning before school?

No, breakfast (porridge with milk and sugar) is served from 08:00.

  1. What food must I pack for my child?

Parents must provide a healthy snack for the learner to enjoy from 10:00 to 10:30 depending on the learner’s age and group setting. Please remember that this is only a small snack; please do not pack full lunch boxes. Please keep portions small and choose something healthy. No sweets, biscuits or chips are allowed. The class educators will provide you with guidelines for providing suitable snacks. 

Babies need sterilized milk bottles and powder formula provided in a container and measured out for every feed. You also need to provide food or Purity, if the learner is not going to eat what the school provides.

  1. What will my child get to eat for lunch?

A well-balanced lunch is served between 11:30 and 12:00 depending on the learner’s age and group setting. The learner’s will also receive juice/water during lunch time.

We include the following elements in meals which are offered:  Protein for growth; and essential minerals and vitamins in raw foods, salads and fruits. Fresh organic fruit and vegetables are used where possible. A vegetarian option is available.

  1. Can we have a party for my child at school?

A small class party is allowed. Birthday celebrations will be held between10:00 and 10:30 to coincide with snack time.

  1. Does your school offer Extra-mural activities?

Extramural classes are optional and provided at an additional fee. It is seen as extra stimulation for the full day learner and is therefore presented outside formal school hours. Independent instructors are used and parents enrolments for these activities can be done at parents own discretion. Parents are welcome to attend open days to help them decide whether they should enrol their child or not. Extra-mural lists are available at Castle reception.

  1. Do you potty train children at Castle?

Yes, we have a special class for our potty trainers.  (Please refer to our potty training manual that is available from any of our nursery teachers or at the office).

  1. Does your school have a nursery for babies?

Yes, children in the nursery section of our school are between the ages of 3 and 30 months. These leaners are still very little and there are various milestones that they must reach in each group to be able to join the more formal learning programme.

  1. Will my child be in a class with his/her siblings?

No, unless they are the same age. We here at Curro Castle Serengeti divide our learners into age appropriate groups, so that they can develop and reach each and every milestone.

  1. How many children are in a class?

The Curro Castle schools prescribed staff-child ratios are as follows:

GROUP 1             15 BABIES            1:5

GROUP 1.5          18 BABIES            1:6

GROUP 2             20 BABIES            1.6.6

GROUP 2.5          25 TODDLERS     1.8.3

GROUP 3             25 TODDLERS     1:8.3

GROUP 4             25 YOUNG CHILDREN     1:12.5

GROUP 5             25 YOUNG CHILDREN     1:12.5

  1. Why do I need to pay the enhancement fee?

The “Curriculum Enhancement Fee” assists with the purchase of resources and materials which are required termly for the Castle Curriculum. The “Curriculum Enhancement Fee” helps defray the cost of supplies and activities “on campus” during the year.

  1. What is the daily program like?

Please read our day program that is available on our website or alternatively you can view the program that is up on display in reception area of the Castle.

  1. Is there therapy available for my child at Curro Castle Serengeti?

We have a specific occupational- as well as a speech therapist currently providing services at the school.

Please note: Parents make the appointments themselves and are personally responsible for the payment thereof.