CAB - Curro Aurora Bulletin : 13/2015

Dear Currorian family,

This year’s CABs gave the readers good insight of our dynamic and growing school in action. It was always pleasing to read the reports from our staff and the Operational Heads, to view the photographs of learners and to note the achievements which are increasing in all areas.

I would like to congratulate all our learners, staff and parents on another outstanding year. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing school.

I would like to thank our editor, Paula Gouveia, for all the countless hours that she has spent on the outstanding publication.

I would also like to thank the Operational Headmasters - Dave Wiggett, Ivan Olivier and Janet Beyrooti -for their commitment and expert leadership of their schools over the past year. It was only a pleasure to work with them.

Our APT was also exceptional and keeps on supporting our staff and learners.

I look forward to seeing Aurora continue to grow from success to success.

Mr Uecks