High School - Welcome Letter

Welcome to Curro Aurora!


Education is the complicated, multidimensional process incorporating the fine art of preparing and directing the relatively helpless young child through the maze of developmental phases on the road to adulthood. The educator achieves this by employing the calculated use of various educational strategies enabling the developing child to arrive at an independent, self-sufficient state of adulthood. It is therefore the goal of the Curro Aurora educator to produce mature, well-balanced young adults who possess a loyalty and love for God and country, capable of prospering in the world of tomorrow.

Gone are the days where a graduate can expect a job upon leaving school. In a world of billions of people, knowledge is said to double every 12 months at the current rate. It is for this complicated, challenging world of tomorrow, that educators prepare our youth. Adults of tomorrow will have to cope with a ‘future shock’, solving tomorrow’s problems, today, in order to cope with the legacy of our generation.

An educational strategy should provide the vehicle for children to build a bridge between where they find themselves and their destination of adulthood. This is achieved using 21st-century teaching strategies blended with innovative current and traditional trends, incorporating various paradigm shifts, as South Africa strives to compete in the global village.

It is said that children are like wet cement: whatever touches them in their youth leaves a lasting impression. Education at Curro Aurora offers a safe Christian and multi-faith environment, where children are able to heuristically explore, discover and extend themselves as they transcend various levels during their development. Curro Aurora nurtures a motivated work ethic fostering confidence as a key to success.

It has been stated that South Africa's success will depend in a major way on the education of its people. Certain countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea, with few of their own natural resources have clearly shown the way. There is a continuing need to motivate our scholars to step onto the exciting technology ladder early in their school lives while simultaneously recognising, exploiting and developing a rich cultural and sporting heritage.

Curro Aurora fosters leadership in its scholars who are not only infinitely qualified but also capable, motivated, young leaders who possess honed skill sets which give them the edge.

“The average teacher teaches, The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates, But the great teacher inspires."

It is therefore with a sense of inspiration, dedication and love that staff at Curro Aurora Private School are privileged to be entrusted with the greatest contribution to the future, namely the children of the parents we serve.

Dr R. W. Kieck, Operational Head

Curro Aurora, High School