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Study permits for foreign learners

Study Visa requirements for dependant students

If you are in the process of applying for any temporary visa to come to South Africa and have children of a dependant school going age, you will need to also apply for a study visa.

Your temporary visa application is only issued in respect of you and your activity and does not include accompanying children who will need to attend school.

Below we look at the study visa requirements for dependants attending a South African school.

Who needs to obtain a study visa?

In this instance, the below covers information pertaining to children of a school going age accompanying their parent(s) to South Africa, or under the care of a guardian. Without a study visa in place, your child will not be able to attend school.

Can my child attend any school?

You may make an application for your child at any South African school.

What are the study visa requirements?

Apart from you obtaining the correct temporary residence visa, you will need to meet the following requirements in terms of the study visa application:

  • The correct completion of the appropriate study visa application form.
  • The provision of a letter of acceptance offering your child / children a place at the school.
  • An undertaking from the Registrar or Principal of the school to provide the Director-General with various notifications during the validity period of your child / children’s study visa.
  • Your child / children’s unabridged birth certificate.
  • A copy of their passport and any relevant visas.
  • Where your child is coming to South Africa under the guardianship of someone else you will need to provide:
    • proof of the physical address and contact number of the adult person residing in the Republic, who is acting or has accepted to act, as your child’s guardian;
    • confirmation from the guardian that they will act in this capacity;
    • consent of your child’s intended stay from both parents or, from the parent who has been granted a court order for full or specific parental rights.
  • You will need to provide an undertaking that the study visa applicant will have medical cover for the full duration of the period of study in addition to proof of South African medical cover.

How long will the study visa be issued for?

The study visa will generally be issued for the duration of the period of study, up to a maximum of 8 years at a primary school and 6 years for a secondary schools.

Can my child attend school whilst waiting for their study via to be issued?

No, you put your own visa at risk, as well as your stay in South Africa. The principal and / or registrar should not allow your child to attend.

What if we wish to change schools?

The study visa issued for the student attending a specific school, any movement to another school would require a further application.

When should we apply?

Your child or children are not allowed to attend any South African school without the appropriate study visa. Therefore if you do not wish your child to miss schooling you should apply from abroad, if you yourself are a first time applicant.

Can we renew the study visa?

If there is a need to extend the study visa you will be required to make a new application. This can be made in South Africa and should be done at least 60 days prior to the current study visa’s expiry date.