As a new school, we have opted to buy all stationery in bulk as this will ensure that the correct items are available. The stationery list has been sent to registered parents for perusal, however, each learner will be issued with their pre-packed stationery in January. The total bill will be split over January and February and charged to your school fee account. Please do not cover your books until the teacher has explained what type/colour she requires.


We will make use of the services of Afro Book Suppliers to supply textbooks to our learners. The list has been sent to all parents and parents must purchase the books themselves. Please pay Afrobooks direct and liaise with them if you have any payment or delivery queries regarding the textbooks.


We will not be using tablets in 2017. The school will give parents details later in 2017 about tablet requirements for 2018.


If your uniform order has not arrived, learners may wear:

  • Gr 1-6  Blue, black or denim knee-height shorts and a white T-Shirt.
  • Gr 7-9: Long denim pants and white T-Shirt.

General Information for new parents (letter from Mrs Morgan)

General Information for Castle parents (letter from Mrs Botha, Castle Principal)