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Nursery Schools

At all our nursery schools an extra mural programme is run. These are all offered at an additional charge. 

Please note that payment for these activities are to be paid directly to the entities presenting the activities.

The following activities could include:

  • Dance Mouse
  • Bubbles Swimming School
  • Robertson Ballet School
  • Soccer Starz                               

Prep School

The school sport programme is initiated in the Prep School.

All Learners are required to participate in our extensive sports curriculum. The programme is important, not only because it promotes physical fitness and fellowship, but it also encourages the development of sportsmanship, loyalty, commitment, determination and leadership. Sport is considered a key element of the school curriculum. The seasonal choice of activities are:

  • Cricket  
  • Softball
  • Tennis  
  • Soccer / Hockey  
  • Netball / Hockey  
  • Athletics / Cross Country