Sport Overview

Sport Overview

Sport Overview

Tennis: is offered by a professional coach and his team. In 2016, two of our u/17 girls were selected for the S-Free state team, two u/10 boys also played for S-Free state and four under 10 boys count under Top 16 in Motheo district. A lot of effort is put into tennis development at a very young age. Curro Bloemfontein’s holistic approach to coaching includes a focus on fitness.  There are also tennis lessons for primary and high school learners twice a week, as well as an opportunity for learners who need professional coaching on a private basis.

Netball: is offered to all ages from u/8 onwards. The school  competes against local schools and clubs as well as on a regional and national level against all Curro schools.

Rugby: Rugby is being played at home based level and the teams participate in the Central Dragons league and 7's on regional and national level.                                                                     

Soccer: is offered for all ages, including league participation against local schools. Participation in soccer is also encouraged from at an early age  at Curro Bloemfontein

Hockey: was first offered in 2016 by a professional hockey coach and our teams play in local  friendly matches. The hockey offering will be improved in 2017.

Cricket: participation is growing steadily and  we look forward to our first matches being played in 2017. Mini cricket will also be offered in 2017.

Athletics: Curro Bloemfontein’s athletics takes place at the end of each year so that learners can be  identified for different events and levels in the next year. Our first year of participation at District level was 2016 and Curro Bloemfontein made its mark there as well

Member of Central Dragons Sport League - This is an initiative by all local independent schools to give all Independent School learners the opportunity to participate at provincial and national level against their peers. Over 70 of Curro Bloemfontein’s learners took part in the first event and many of our learners received medals for first and second places.

Private sport and culture codes, such as modelling, horseriding and wake-boarding, where Curro Bloemfontein learners excel, are also acknowledged at our Awards Evening.

Primary and High School Chess:

Chess is offered at primary and high school level.  From 2017, learners will compete against other clubs and schools.