Primary School

Primary School

Primary School


At Curro Bloemfontein Primary School we strive to develop our learners to be holistically independent, based on Christian values.


  • Developing SELF (-respect, -confidence, -esteem)
  • Teach them perseverance and diligence
  • To lead them to discover and utilise their own full potential as an individual
  • To create a platform to assist learners to become a well balanced individual on academic and physical level
  • To expose learners and guide them in the diversity of our country and their role in their community
  • To keep learners up to date with technological advances
  • To develop “the leader” in every child.

Educators apply 21st Century teaching and learning skills and, with the guidance of the Curro Curriculum Department, prepare our young learners for their future. The curriculum teaches them to work in groups (collaboration) and still be an individual with special gifts and talents and to become global citizens with an understanding for diversity and a compassion for life and the heart to protect our nature.

Foundation Phase (R-3):

  • Language of Learning and Teaching) = English; FAL = Afrikaans and Sesotho
  • Literacy; Numeracy; Life Skills; Robotics; Physical Education

Intermediate Phase (4-6):

  • Language of Learning and Teaching = English Home Language; Afrikaans
  • Mathematics; Natural Sciences and Technology; Social Sciences; Life Skills
  • 21st Century Approach to Math and Science and Levelled Reading - learners read at their own pace.
  • Small Classes


  • Robotics; Resource Room; Graded Reading; Brombacher Math; CAPS enhanced by Curro Curriculum in preparation for IEB; Technology, Math and Science enhanced; Learner Support Centre.
  • Quarterly Recording and Reporting
  • Computer Literacy Classes and Tablet Programme in preparation for 21st Century Teaching and Learning
  • Parent Consultations
  • Tablets replaces text books
  • Da Vinci, Technology Sets
  • The transition from Grade 3 to Grade 4  can be challenging - our teachers are very skilled in bridging the gap between the Foundation and Intermediate Phases.
  • Grade 7 forms part of our primary school and these learners the leaders and mentors in the primary school and receive leadership training and skills.