High School

High School

At Curro Bloemfontein, the learners are prepared for their future and they will be leaders and role players in the 21st Century. Our teachers receive constant training in these skills. Terminology and activities like collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, citizenship and character building are being put in practice - our classrooms become more learner-friendly.  By making use of the latest technology Curro Bloemfontein is spearheading learner-focused teaching.


At CURRO BLOEMFONTEIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, our goal is to develop a responsible, independent and proud individuals, who will make a positive contribution to society.


  • By developing a positive and healthy self-esteem
  • To guide young adults to respect themselves as well as others.
  • To equip learners with skills such as critical thinking, self-discipline and leadership skills.
  • To prepare learners holistically for Tertiary Training and or the future Work place
  • To give the young adults opportunity to take part in Sports and Cultural activities
  • To empower the young adults with skills for life, based on Kingdom principles.


  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Economic and Management Sciences
  • Technology
  • Creative Arts
  • Life orientation


Curriculum enhancement

  1. IEB based formal and continuous assessments
  2. Curro Computer Curriculum Grade 7-9
  3. Access to the internet for research purposes
  4. Quarterly Recording and Reporting
  5. Individual Learner-Parent Conferences
  6. Learner Support
  7. Extra Mathematics and Science classes twice a week
  8. Additional tuition in any other subject after school
  9. Every Math and Science Tablet Application that monitors learners’ daily activities and progress
  10. 21st Century learning and teaching classroom approach
  11. Enhanced Technology Curriculum – Da Vinci building blocks and E-tech electronic sets
  12. Tablet Champion Training
  13. Parent and Learner Tablet Training
  14. Interactive Lesson Material
  15. Spearheading e-Learning in the Free State
  16. Learner centred classrooms
  17. Grade 9 Aptitude Tests
  18. Grade 9 Subject Presentation Evening
  19. Grade 9 Learner-Parent Subject Choice Conferences
  20. Annual Curro Benchmark Tests for Mathematics and English Home Language
  21. Entrepreneurs’ Day
  22. Wi-Fi in all the classrooms
  23. Educational Excursions
  24. Quarterly assessment calendars