Extra Murals

Extra Murals

Extra Murals

Extra-mural Drama Classes:

A professional drama coach helps learners acquire the skills and knowledge needed for drama. The Drama Group performs a play, or piece, annually.

Individual / Group Music Classes:

As of 2017 Curro Bloemfontein will offer music classes as an extra-mural activity - piano and singing/choir – to either individuals or groups.

Acapella:  Serenade Group:

Some of the high school learners form an Acapella group each year and perform at various functions.

Public Speaking / Debate:

Learners have the opportunity, to take part in public speaking and debating, at a competitive level, in 2017

Private Dance Classes:

A dancing instructor offers dance lessons at the school on a private basis.

School Newspaper: Curro Kiewiet:

Curro Kiewiet, the school newspaper gives learners an opportunity to be part of the editing team or to write articles. The newspaper is issued at the end of each term.

Art Classes:

Are offered, as an extra-mural activity, once a week at the school.

Annual Curro's Got Talent show:

Next year, 2017, will be the third year for learners to have an opportunity to take part in our annual talent show, where external judges decide the winners, who receive prizes.