Grade R curriculum

 The Curro Westbrook curriculum is designed to encourage young children to be imaginative, energetic, inquiry-based learners who explore the classroom environment with curiosity and purpose. Preschool children are eager to learn, and school activities are designed to involve and engage these young learners with interesting lessons and materials. Experienced and qualified practitioners plan Maths, Literacy, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and Movement to thoroughly prepare children.


Learners are invited to make independent choices in a child-friendly learning environment, following well-established structures and routines to guide them. Opportunities for hands-on learning are presented daily, allowing the young learner to grow through play and real-world experiences. Daily activities are scheduled in the whole group and small groups to promote socialisation and community building. Learners engage in conversations with practitioners and friends daily, learning to take turns, listen, and share.

The three main subjects are:


• Languages – English first language and Afrikaans as additional language.


• Mathematics – Mathematical concepts, number concept and practical application.


• Life Skills – Skills from a variety of learning areas fall under Life Skills.


In the foundation phase the focus is on teaching the foundational skills, concepts and knowledge that are required for further learning. We offer a vibrant, invitational atmosphere where the learners enjoy school and where they acquire a love for learning that will sustain them throughout their school years. We acknowledge the potential in each learner to achieve their optimum ability, and therefore there is less emphasis on competitiveness and more emphasis on individual achievement. We create opportunities for personal growth in independence and responsibility so that the learners can take up the challenge of being personally responsible and accountable for their actions.