Core Business

Core Business

Curro provides INDEPENDENT-SCHOOL EDUCATION to learners from 3 months to Grade 12.  How? By developing, acquiring and managing independent schools in South Africa.

Curro's services include:

  • Nursery, primary and high schools
  • Balanced academics, sport and culture

Supplemented by:

  • A dedicated curriculum-development centre (CCEE)
  • Aftercare, holiday care and hostel facilities
  • School transport
  • Online shopping and communication
  • Specialised educator training

Curro also owns and manages a private institute for teacher training.

Brands include:

  • Curro independent schools
  • Meridian independent schools
  • Curro Castle nursery schools
  • Select independent schools
  • Embury Institute for Teacher Training

Curro established the Curro Centre for Educational Excellence (CCEE) to:

  • Develop and apply the latest trends in curriculum standards and dissemination.
  • Monitor the quality of academic standards and ensure standardisation across campuses.
  • Provide advice on educational and related matters to the executive heads, operational heads, subject heads and educators at the schools.
  • Identify and develop master educators, further centres and standards of excellence in subjects, with the primary focus on Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Curro works very hard to create facilities and opportunities for learners to participate and achieve on the sports field and on cultural terrain, because Curro sees education as a holistic process. However, the learning process inside classrooms is Curro’s core business.